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A Web and Mobile App Development Company.


We are an information technology consulting company, specializing in the

Development of customized management software and in the creation of customized CMS

For complex web platforms.


More than just how something looks design is how something works.

Web Apps

Using PHP, Ruby on Rails and more. Built to scale with your organization.

Mobile Apps

Our data-driven strategies give your product a bold voice in the marketplace.


Seamless. Scalable. Reliable. From our testing environment to your users' lives.

Innovative Solutions

Our web platforms are developed to ensure that you get what you want.

We guarnatee that the platform we develop for you will help with all those tedious day to day tasks which are

taking up your time. AMLabs produced platforms are clean, clear and easy to use.

Custom Software Development

Developing software tailored to your business.

App Design & Development

Building award-winning, profit generating apps.


Web Development

Using the web to power your business.

Technology Consulting

Providing a health-check for your Current IT Ops.

Client Area

Our clients have access to a management dashboard for their project.

This allows a clear channel of communication throughout the entire development cycle.

We are proud to offer a unique experience for our clients.


Receive your invoices and download them whenever you want.


Strategies being implemented, to projected growth expectations.


View your projects current status, read stage reports, or upload new designs for our team to analyze.



A platform for any type of project


Check the progress of your project in real time


Communicate with all team members who are involved in the development

Commercial proposals

Code lines

Cups of coffee


Level Up

Every day more companies that decide to have presence in the mobile world and bet on creating Android applications that respond to their needs and adapt to new habits of consumers



This traditional process starts through planning of the entire project

and ends with a completed product with all features in place.

Many software upgrades and technical support issues only take hours, instead of days, weeks, or months.

We’re here to help as long as you need us, even when it isn’t very long.

Get A Free Quote

If you have a project idea, either a detailed requirements specification,

Future software or system, share it with us. We assign specialists

To process your request based on the business model,

The services required and their technological preferences.


+58 (416) 923 1991